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The tiny riverside village of Derby is a quaint surprise on the winding country drive from Launceston to the East Coast. Overlooking the Ringarooma River in a landscape of mountains and rainforest, Derby is a classified historic town that’s small on scale but big on stories. Once a booming mining settlement, known as Brother’s Home, Derby was the setting for an epic tin rush that saw thousands of eager miners flock to the area. Close by is Little Blue Lake. Once a mine hole, the lake now reflects a stunning aqua blue from the minerals at the bottom of the lake.


Now Derby is well know for something quite different, A world class mountain bike park and trail. The Blue Derby Mountain Bike Trails encompass some of the most stunning landscapes in the state. The main trail head, located in Derby, provides easy access to cafes, parking, public toilets, showers and a bike wash facility. Feedback from riders confirms the amazing work of Glen Jacobs and World Trail in designing and constructing world class singletrack amongst enormous granite slabs, dense tree fern forests, and breathtaking scenery. Already those who have ridden the trails are vowing to return. Trail names like Devilwolf, Dambusters and Krushka’s provide reference to the amazing history of the area, whilst others such as Flickety Sticks and Berms & Ferns invoke a hint of the fun and excitement to be found. The completed 80km network incorporates the iconic Blue Tier and Weldborough. Its possible to link back to Derby in an all-day 40km adventure. The spectacular purpose built trails of Blue Derby are enjoying wide acclaim; round two of the prestigious Enduro World Series event was held in Derby in April 2017. Additional trails hand-built for the event are now open to ride.