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We arrive at the Launceston Airport, nice and early to make the most of the day. We get picked up at the front door by Vertigo Airport Transfers and drive an 1 and half to Derby. We settle into our accommodation and start to prepare our bikes for an afternoon of mud, sweat and tears. 


We start easy and start the day by riding RUSTY CRUSTY and then onto AXEHEAD. We go down down LONG SHADOWS and then climb up to UPPER FLICKITY STICKS, we follow THE GREAT RACE to the very picturesque DAM BUSTERS. DAM BUSTERS connects to ATLAS and down to LONG SHADOWS, again we climb up UPPER LONG SHADOWS and then follow the long sensational route that is RETURN TO SENDER.


A easy day to start off a 3 day epic adventure.

DAY 2 - Blue Teir


Day 2 is the highlight of the trip, 30 km of world class downhill that starts at BLUE TIER and descends back into Derby for a well earned rest. We shuttle from out the front of our accommodation early and start the 40min drive to the top of the mountain being the BLUE TIER start. After a quick memorable photo under the BLUE TIER trailhead we start descending straight into curvy single track with a lines and cool berms. Rain forest, waterfalls and small river crossings await riders as they experience some of the best trails they ever ridden. The half way point is at the lunch stop at the Wellborough Hotel, a classic pub that makes some of the best steak sandwiches in Tasmania. We then ride to the start of ATLAS a 8km descent that joins the Blue Derby MTB park. We follow the well known KRUSHKAS loop and then finish by choosing TROUTY which leads into town.


A day to remember in the saddle.


To finish off the trip we can’t just do some easy tracks, as there is so much still to ride! We leave early to catch the shuttle to the trail head called BLACK STUMP. We ride some of your favourites like DAMBUSTERS or KRUSHKAS, ride routes like RATTLER, HOWLER and the flowing 23 STITCHES. Options are that we can 2 to 3 shuttles depending on fitness and then finish the day off by riding the legendary RETURN TO SENDER. 


We cruise into town and clean the bikes to conclude an awesome weekend of mountain biking. Whats going to be hard is to convince the wife/partner that you want to back the very next weekend.